10 BB King Licks Part 2 - 10 Minor Pentatonic Licks Over Bar 2 in a 12 Bar Blues

Published on 13 February 2017
This is the second lesson in my BB King lick series. The first lesson showed 10 intro licks to play over the first bar in a classic 12 bar blues. This lesson takes the next logical step, and shows you how to play over the second bar in a 12 bar blues! The second bar in a standard 12 bar blues uses the "4" chord. In this case, since we are playing in the key of B, the 4 chord is E. The minor pentatonic scale fits very well over the E chord, and I explain why in the video. The third bar of a 12 bar blues is the B chord. So, each of these licks start on the minor pentatonic scale, and ends on notes that go well with the B chord. This lesson, in addition to showing you the licks with all the tabs, breaks down the theory behind the scales used in a 12 bar blues. You will find out why the major pentatonic works over the 1 chord, and why the minor pentatonic works over the 4. You can take these principles and use them over the entire 12 bar blues progresson. Remember, you don't need to play all these licks note-for-note. Take the ideas from the licks that you like, and make your own! Enjoy!