3 CRITICAL Guitar Skills

Published on 03 March 2016
FREE Finger Exercises Click HERE: https://guitarzoom.com/5mmf In this video, I discuss the I IV V concept of common chord progressions, created from music theory. If you learn the I IV and V chords from your major scales, it makes learning songs so much easier, because you know what to expect when learning many popular songs. Here is a chart of your I IV V chords in common keys: A D E C F G D G A E A B G C D There are others, obviously, but start with keys you use a lot when playing guitar! Next, we look at 3 common fingerpicking patterns that I refer to as: Toward the Floor Toward the Ceiling In and Out These are named by the direction of the pattern. The 3rd skill is an introduction to the barre chords, which give you freedom to play major and minor chords in any key, up and down the 6th string (there are other chords, and other barre chords on other strings, so the learning goes on forever). Any of these skills can be furthered, this just gives you some basics, all rolled into one video.... Thanks for visiting our page! We hope this video helps you in your learning! http://www.guitarzoom.com Have questions? Want to hang with an awesome group of guitar players? Sign up at the GuitarZoom Community Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1443585209237823/ # guitar skills # learn to play guitar # guitar tricks # guitar tips