Beautiful Love - easy chord melody jazz guitar lesson

Published on 24 November 2019
Very detailed + TABS! Jazz guitar lesson for "Beautiful Love". Easy chord melody guitar lesson jazz ballad. TABS: I´m teaching you this beautiful jazz guitar ballad in chord melody style, which means the melody and the chords are being played simultaniously. Beautiful Love is a jazz ballad in a minor key. Since it is often played at jazz sessions, you should be able to play this tune. Chord melody jazz guitar style: The chord melody style combines the melody of the song and it`s chords together. Usually someone does the comping and another person plays the melody. The chord meldoy style allows guitarists to play on their own, just like pianist. So you can perform it allone. Beautiful Love is a slow song, so it won`t be too hard to play. This is a good oportunity to learn a chord melody song. Thank you to the wonderful folks at Lehmann Audio, for lending me their great Cube Studio Headphone amp! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please give this video a thumb up, if you like it! Please share! Subscribe my channel: My Facebook: My Instagram: Enjoy, Sandra :-)