Easy to Learn Acoustic Blues Rhythm Technique for Finger Pickers | Brush Up

Published on 11 February 2016
Would you like to know one of the easiest ways to get started playing fingerstyle acoustic blues? For me, learning to ditch the pick naturally progressed to me using the brush up technique for almost all of my acoustic blues. The reason is simple: the technique as you'll see in the video, feels a lot like strumming with a pick. The motions are almost identical. But don't let me lead you astray, even though this is great for a gateway into finger picking blues, I use it all the time in my playing. It's laid back, fun and incredibly rhythmic. Kinda like the blues itself :) The brush up technique explained in the video basically amounts to dedicating your index finger of your picking hand for upstrokes on the strings. Your thumb takes care of the downstrokes. The real key to this is the index finger 'brushing up' or strumming the strings with an upstroke. Check out the video for a good look at things, but I think you'll find - especially if your used to playing with a pick - that this will come very quickly to you. Good luck with this and let me know how this works for you. Be sure to check out the website for the complete lesson: http://www.bluesguitarinstitute.com/brush-up-acoustic-blues-technique If you're serious about improving your blues guitar skills, join the Blues Guitar Institute newsletter to get quick tips, licks and lessons: http://www.bluesguitarinstitute.com/YT037 If you are new to finger picking blues and want to get started, check out this video: http://www.bluesguitarinstitute.com/intro-fingerstyle-acoustic-blues In this video, I'll show you how to get started playing some sweet finger picked acoustic blues. Play On! -John P.S. - If you have a blues friend that you think could benefit from using this technique, help them out and share this video. Here's the direct link: http://youtu.be/rpA6OORwHmc