Fender Stratocaster - Sound Demo - Fender American Standard Stratocaster

Published on 24 November 2019
Prof. recorded sound demo of the Fender American Standard Stratocaster plus explanation on single coil hum and the tremolo system. This review is for beginners, that are interested in the sounds, tone and features of the Fender Stratocaster. Equipment used for this Fender Stratocaster review: The particular Strat in the video is a Fender American Standard Stratocaster from 2015 with custom shop Fat '50s single-coils in all three positions. These pickups provide glassy, transparent tone and are excellent for clean and overdriven sounds. The amp is a Fender Blues Junior 3, miked with a Shure SM57. The Fender American Standard Series was replaced by the Fender American Pro series in 2017, which has almost unique features. Fender Fat 50`s single coil hum: Like every other single coil, the Fender Stratocaster`s single coils produce pretty much hum. This happens when the single coil is on it`s own. As soon as you pair two of them toghether it becomes somewhat of a humbucker, cancelling the hum. Hence the two in between postitions are hum free. You can exchange these single coils for noiseless ones. Namely from Fender itself (N3, N4 series) or ie from Kinman, who produce great noiseless pickups, like the Fat 50`s. I also show you what the tremolo does and why i don`t think it`s good for beginners. The Fender USA Stratocaster is a great instrument for everyone that likes transparent sound, with good attack. Fender Stratocaster is mostly used for Pop, Funk, Country and Blues music. ****************************************************************** Please like this video! Please subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkT05N04ICdHgmDZrGYz-5A My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gitarrenunterrichtwien/ Enjoy, Sandra :-)