Grant Green jazz guitar lesson - 4 licks with tabs

Published on 25 July 2018
This jazz guitar solo lesson is about 4 jazz guitar lines played by the great Grant Green in "N°1 Green street".Grant Green played those jazz licks over a VI7-IIm7-V7-I7 chord progression. Explanations are below. The chord progression of the track "N°1 Green street" is : Bb7 | Eb7 | Bb7 | % | Eb7 | % | Bb7 | G7 | Cm7 | F7 | Bb7 - G7 | Cm7 - F7 | In this lesson, for simplicity, the backing track chord progression is : G7 | Cm7 | F7 | Bb7 | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lick # 1 0:04 Measure 1 (G7) : Ab diminished arpeggio (Ab-B-D-F) and notes G, Ab and Bb from the G halftone-wholetone diminished scale. Measure 2 (cm7) : Notes from the C harmonic minor scale (C-D-Eb-F-G-Ab-B) Measure 3 (F7) : Notes from the F halftone-wholetone scale. Measure 4 (Bb7) : ending on the third (D) and on the root (Bb) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lick # 2 0:49 Measure 1 (G7) : Start on the root (G), and B diminished arpeggio (B-D-F-Ab). Measure 2 et 3 (Cm7 et F7): Notes from the C harmonic minor scale. (C-D-Eb-F-G-Ab-B) Measure 4 (Bb7) : Ending on the root (Bb) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lick # 3 1:40 It starts with the B diminished arpeggio (B-D-F-Ab) on the G7(b9) chord. Notes from the C dorian mode on Cm7, remember that the C dorian mode is : C-D-Eb-F-G-A-Bb. Notes from the F7 mixolydian scale on the F7 chord, the F mixolydian scale contains the following notes : F-G-A-Bb-C-D-Eb. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lick # 4 2:32 Measure 1 (G7) : Start with a Bb diminished arpeggio Measure 2 (Cm7) : Notes from the C dorian mode with a chromaticism between the fifth (G) and the sixth (A). Measure 3 (F7) : notes from the F mixolydian mode. Measure 4 (Bb7) : Ending on the root. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to get more jazz licks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE LESSONS............. Charlie Christian jazz guitar lessons John Scofield guitar lines Wes Montgomery "Full house" guitar solo transcription Full House guitar cover | Wes Montgomery Jimmy Raney jazz guitar lines on "Have you met miss Jones" Tritone substitutions jazz guitar licks 10 Wes Montgomery Jazz lines Full House guitar cover | Wes Montgomery Bebop dominant jazz guitar licks playlist II-V-I major jazz guitar licks Blues guitar licks with tabs