Guitar Lesson: Using Mixolydian Scale in Classic Rock

Published on 28 January 2016
DONATIONS: /donations.php"> /donations.php MORE LESSONS: Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question: Q: I was wondering if you can cover the sounds of Mixolydian as its used in Rock styles. I like the way bands like Guns N' Roses and Skid Row use this mode to make their music. But, I dont understand how to write chord progressions using this mode applied to a style like classic rock. Thank you Thomas, Germany Thanks for writing in! There is a unique sound in classic rock played by artists like Neil Young, Guns N' Roses and many others that uses the Mixolydian mode. In the video lesson I will cover two popular chords that when used in major progressions will give you the sound you are after. The complete lesson article for this video, (along with an MP3 audio jam track of the progression heard at the start of the video), is available on the Creative Guitar Studio website. Follow the link below: lessons/guitar_styles/mixolydian_classic_rock.php ____________________________________ Andrew's Official Q & A Guitar Blog Website: Andrew's "Video GuitarBlog" YouTube Channel: The Creative Guitar Studio Website: Follow Andrew on Blogspot: Follow on Twitter for new lesson announcements: MySpace: Facebook: _____________________________________