How to Connect 3 Minor Pentatonic Boxes in E | Tuesday Blues #005

Published on 05 February 2016
What's one of the biggest struggle most guitar players face? Learning how to break out of the pentatonic box patterns. We spend so much time practing the box patterns that over time our fingers just don't know how to get out of the rut. Practicing our pentatonic box patterns incessantly is helpful and hurtful. Helpful in that you build up much needed muscle memory for the tried and true licks that exist inside a given box. But hurtful in that we practice them so much that we find it hard to get out of the boxes. THIS WEEK'S TUESDAY BLUES This lesson features a lick that spans three pentatonic box patterns. We start in box 3 and work our way down to box 1 through box 2. Be sure to stop by the full lesson page on BGI's website to grab the TAB. You can get that here: Hope you like this installment of Tuesday Blues. BGI puts out a brand new blues video lesson every single Tuesday. If you'd like to follow along, join the BGI Newsletter here: All the best to you in your playing. Play On! John