how to play "Show Me the Way" on guitar by Peter Frampton - acoustic guitar lesson tutorial

Published on 23 February 2016
Please help support my lessons by donating here: Facebook: An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play the classic "Show Me the Way” by Peter Frampton from the album “Frampton Comes Alive” released in 1976 and one of the bestselling live albums of all time. This song goes together with “Baby I Love Your Way.” They’re quite similar chord structures with both of them starting with the major chord, going to the major 7th and then the 6 chord. The feels are quite different though. I’ve known how to play the “regular” part for a long time but never knew that Bob Mayo was playing a 12 string tuned to open G. This part sounds really great because it allows you to drone the D note on the high E string which gives it a more ringing, chimey sort of sound. The 2 guitar parts together sound awesome! If you’re playing this one solo, I would definitely play the open G version. If you listen closely to the original track, you can hear at least 3 guitar parts, the 12 string, the electric rhythm and the talk box solo stuff. Since there were only 2 guitar players live it’s pretty safe to say that they dubbed some additional guitar parts onto the song later in the studio. I over dubbed a Nashville tuned guitar doubling the 12 string open G part to kind of fake the 12 string sound. I hope you enjoy the lesson and have fun playing this classic tune. The guitar I'm playing here is a Taylor 214ce koa deluxe. I really like this guitar, it intonates amazingly well and it's tone is very balanced. It's also very easy to play. The strings are Elixir phosphor bronze 12-53 with nanoweb coating. These strings are a little bit more expensive, but for me they easily last 4-5 times longer than non-coated strings. Folks may be surprised at how much time and effort goes into creating these videos. If you're getting something out of the lessons and can afford to contribute to the cause, I've setup a PayPal link. If you can't afford it no worries, but if you can, any amount is appreciated and will help me to continue to make the videos. PayPal: Thanks for all the comments, and questions and of course for subscribing. A special thanks to all of those who have contributed financially, I really appreciate the support. Good luck to everyone with your guitar playing.