How To Start A Blues Solo

Published on 18 January 2016 /blog/how-to-start-any-blues-solo/"> /blog/how-to-start-any-blues-solo/ - Head there for downloads of the video and the TAB. How to start a blues solo is one of, if not the, most common question I get from new blues players. With enough experience this problem usually takes care of itself, but without having learned a bunch of blues solos already, it helps to have a solid set of rules you can live by. As with all of my "blues rules," you have to remember that these are guaranteed to sound good every time... that does NOT mean they are the only option. Some other options may not always work so I left them out. I hope you enjoy the video and learn something about your blues guitar soloing from it. For more lessons or to sign up for my email newsletter please head over to .