Major Scale Sandwich Exercise Part 2

Published on 20 May 2016
For more information from the source site of this video please visit: The major Scale Sandwich Exercise -- Part 2 Now a lot of guitarists settle for just that. Just as a lot of people are quite happy eating nothing but white bread sandwiches. But I think you're missing out a great deal if you don't at least try brown bread sandwiches as well, so let's see if I can tempt you to work out the Backward Diagonals Sandwich Exercises.. We'll work this one out at the eighth fret as it's a bit stretchier. With the pinky on the sixth string, reach back with the first finger to play the backward diagonal. And the other slice of bread.. Move across remembering to shrink the shape. Use the same fingering pattern for the filling except there's no need for the shift of fingering this time -- for once the second string anomaly actually helps us by bringing the note on the second string closer! Then add the second slice of bread. Finally the octave diagonal off the D string. The filling with the little adjustment for the second string And the second slice of bread. OK that's the whole drill. Here it is again straight through.. Seems a bit of a weird thing to do doesn't it?! But let's explain a bit about what it is doing. It is a conditioning drill -- it works on three levels physical -- muscle memory, visual -- pattern recognition and and Aural -- Hearing level. You will have to drill it a few times through before you can begin to use it with unerring success but, for a minute, imagine you have put in say half an hour on it and your fingers, ears and visual memory have all been nicely programmed by a huge plate load of white and brown bread sandwiches! Let's look at how you will then be able to apply this: First pick a note at random And a fret number So we want a F# major scale at 6th fret First I find a note F# that I am sure about somewhere low on the fretboard.. Then I use the CAGED system to take me up to fret 6 The conditioning from my Sandwich exercise kicks in... And I have my Major scales. Before you have done too many of these you will actually find yourself shortcutting the process and you will soon find you can grab these scales pretty quickly when you need them. I am confident that, if you put a little bit of time into learning this trick, it will greatly speed your progress in learning many aspects of guitar playing, but for a minute let's show you how I might use this trick directly to improvise over a tune that moves through several key centres. Here's a backing track to The Girl From Ipanema. Now most of this classic Latin Jazz Tune is in the key of F major, but it has a notoriously tricky bridge section that peels off into first Db then E major before returning back to F. Watch how I negotiate these changes using application of the sandwich drill -- for the sake of illustrating this point I am going to try and restrict my improvising to nothing but Major scale patterns.. Hope you could follow that Ok and that that has given you a glimpse of just one direct application of the drills we have just been over in the last couple of lessons. Of course, mastering the CAGED System and Sandwich Exercise takes practice -- but these are very powerful tools for the serious guitar player and I know you will enjoy the payoff if you do put the work in. Hope you found that interesting -- there are several more applications for these drills that we will touch on in more advanced lessons, but they all rely on a firm grounding in Major Scale Sandwiches first -- So stuff yourself with sandwiches! In the next lesson we will introduce you to the Natural Minor Scale