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Published on 05 April 2016
http://www.guitarBreakdown.com/ - Have you run out of new ideas when you play a Blues Solo. Are you looking for something to spice up your Pentatonic Licks. Well ... Michael Lawlor to the rescue! Here he comes to save the day! (what TV show is that from ... put it in the comments below if you know it). If you've been following some of the last few Free Lessons we've uploaded over the course of the last few weeks ... you will be familiar with the inspiring technique and playing from Michael Lawlor (a former GIT - Musicians Institute graduate). He's done several quick Lessons based on Hybrid Picking Technique and there are a few more of those we'll be posting in the coming weeks (and just a reminder ... we are working on an awesome Lesson Package with Mr. Lawlor that will focus on Hybrid Picking and all it's unique applications with a ton of great Licks). With all that said ... In this Lesson Mike explores some Outside Concepts and Ideas to help you branch out from your normal way of thinking when playing Pentatonic Licks. He show's how incorporating one single note outside of the Pentatonic Scale can really add a unique flavor to many of the Licks you already play. This is a great Technique that will get you thinking outside of the box and it is a simple concept that if incorporated with all the Licks you already know can be weeks and months of new exploration. And the great part about all of this is that you don't need to learn a bunch of new Scales or Licks. This is something that is quickly and easily incorporated into stuff you already play and it will completely change the sound of your old worn out licks. This is something that many of your favorite players like Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen, Phil-X and Matt Schofield use when improvising (just to name a few). Many of the top Guitar Players that you try and cop Licks from incorporate this Technique. It's a great way to not have to think too much about Scales and Arpeggios ... but instead ... allows you to stick to the familiar Pentatonic shapes while getting a slightly "outside the pentatonic" sound. Just check out guys like Michael Landau, Guthrie Govan, Shawn Lane, Andy Timmons, John Mayer, Jeff Beck, Steve Lukather, Tom Quayle ... you'll hear them play some simple Pentatonic Licks but they somehow sound slightly different ... this is one of the Techniques they are using. A simple yet effective Concept that you'll find easy to master! To see more of Mike's Lessons just go here: http://www.guitarbreakdown.com/michael-lawlor-free-guitar-lessons/ Alright ... hope you enjoy this Lesson and stick around for more Lessons to come with Mr. Michael Lawlor. And on a side note ... If you Like the way we teach ... and you like learning from one of the top Guitar Instructors from Musicians Institute ... We've created an amazing 5 hour long Lesson Package with the great Allen Hinds. It's filled with Tons of Licks and Concepts ... close to 30 pages of Transcribed Licks and Solo material Order your copy of our Allen Hinds - Blues Fusion Master Class - Lesson Package http://www.guitarbreakdown.com/allen-hinds-guitar-lesson-package-volume-1/ Guitar Lesson Taught by Michael Lawlor Also ... Check out our website ... www.GuitarBreakdown.com ... we have hundreds of Free Lessons over there (many of which are not found here on youTube and are only available in the Free Lesson section of our website). And we want to thank all that have helped us out with Donations ... it's your Donations that are helping us get this website up and running ... and help us to be able to continue to bring you these Free Lessons. If you have not Donated ... and you Appreciate all the time and effort we have put into these Free Lessons on youTube over the last year ... Please help us out with a Donation ... your support is what will keep this machine going ... and allow us to continue to bring you Free stuff. Just head over to GuitarBreakdown.com and click the Donate Button. Also Subscribing helps us know you guys really like this stuff enough to return and check out more. Thanks for the support !