Top 5 Jazz Guitar Licks

AIMtv presents the first in our new Top 5 series, here we have Jeremy Sawkins one of Australia's top guitar players presenting his top 5 jazz guitar licks. Jeremy is also a tutor at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) Jeremy's Website AIM Links - Check out our Website, Our Facebook Page, Our Video Page, Our Twitter, My Space, You Tube Channel, Thanks to Luca Brugger, Jason de Wilde and Scott Henderson for there help with the audio especially AIM student and audio engineer Luca Brugger. Check out our App in the ITunes Store : Integration is the name of the game at AIM with six music departments on offer. Students focus on one major area of study but can integrate across other areas of study through a wide range of elective choices. AIM departments include; contemporary performance, music theatre, classical performance, composition and music production, audio technology and entertainment management, taught by some of the finest industry practitioners available in Australia. So whilst a student may for example take audio as their major study, they can also choose to take units from any one of the other five major areas. In this way, students build a portfolio of music, audio, entertainment & business skills to create diverse career opportunities. From AIM's annual showcase where students have the opportunity to perform on stage with full production to a full house, comes smaller creative projects where the journey of writing, producing and recording a song in the studio can be documented on video and placed on the web through AIMtv, as part of the AIM learning and artist development experience. At the completion of two years of intensive study at AIM, students graduate with a Bachelor of Music degree majoring in one of six areas or a Bachelor of Entertainment Management. Equipped with state of the art Q Recording Studios, 300-seat concert hall, 60-seat intimate performance space, fully equipped Apple Mac labs, performing arts library and over 1000 students, the Australian Institute of Music offers the complete educational experience. Jeremy Sawkins uring his career, Jeremy has had the opportunity to work with many other fine musicians including Bernie McGann, Paul McNamara, Jackie Orzaczky, Tony Buck, Don Burrows, Phil Wilson (USA), Indra Lesmana (Indonesia), Phil Slater, Matt McMahon, Jim Kelly, Paul Cutlan and many more. He has also played in many other groups over the years covering a wide variety of musical styles including 'The Zips'; 'What is Hip'; Monica Trapaga's Continental Deli and Brazilian Spectacular; Chris Cody's Coalition; Grace Knight's Big Band and Frank Bennett's Big Band. Filmed and produced by Adam St John - Foti for AIMtv the official music channel for the Australian Institute of Music.