Ultimate Blues Jams - Dallas Rain Demo Griff Hamlin

Published on 18 January 2016
http://ultimatebluesjams.com - The jam tracks are now available. I went in the studio with a real band (the same guys I play with most of the time) and we put down a bunch of really great jam tracks. They have a good feel and it actually feels like you're playing with a real band - something sorely missing in most tracks we use. For gear, it's the Les Paul Classic with a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and a '59 in the neck position. That's my standard pickup set with an LP and it never lets me down. From there it's a Zendrive (and I use Lovepedal Li'l china for a boost towards the end) into a Matchless Chieftain into a Two-Notes Torpedo live straight into Sonar X1. On the Torpedo Live I'm using the new "Feline" cabinet (Bad Cat 2x12) with the Knightfall mic (about 30% back and about 40% off to the side.) There's a little reverb from the lexicon plugin and a little compression overall but that's it. This is pretty much dry tone.