What to Think About When Improvising a Guitar Solo

Published on 01 November 2016
FREE Finger Exercises Click HERE: https://guitarzoom.com/5mmf In this video, I try to discuss and perform some of the ideas that go on "inside the mind" of guitar player when jammming, improvising, or soloing. Watch this a few times and see if it helps to change your way of thinking when soloing... Thanks for visiting our page! We hope this video helps you in your learning! http://www.guitarzoom.com Have questions? Want to hang with an awesome group of guitar players? Sign up at the GuitarZoom Community Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1443585209237823/ # improvising a guitar solo # how to improvise guitar guitar riff guitar licks tabs guitar link guitar pick maker guitar licks definition what does guitar licks mean blues guitar riff licks meaning guitar riff tabs guitar riff generator guitar riff sound effect acoustic guitar riff guitar riff wiki blues guitar riff easy guitar riff guitar riff meaning guitar chords how to play guitar guitar tuner guitar songs guitar brands guitar notes how to play guitar for kids how to play guitar for beginners how to play acoustic guitar how to play guitar youtube how to play guitar chords guitar chords how to play guitar songs how to play electric guitar