Blues for Beginners Guitar

Published on 26 January 2016
If you would like to gain full access to all our Guitar Teaching Materials please visit the Secret Guitar Teacher Site and take a free tour: Here's the video transcript: For this lesson I have made up a little blues tune you can play either on acoustic or electric guitar that is nice and easy, but that I think, still sounds pretty cool. Let's start with a nice simple intro: Here's the tab for that. Pause the video for a few minutes if you need a bit of practice on it. Even before the second bar of the intro finishes we launch into our first riff. We'll call it the E7 riff. Here's the tab for that: The E7 chords in the second bar probably look more complicated in tab than they do as chord diagrams. I'll make a printout to go with this lesson and be sure to include grid diagrams for the chords in that, as well as the tab and the chord sequence. OK, After playing the E7 riff four times through, we change to the A7 riff. This starts the same ...but ends on the A7 chord instead of the E7. Here's the tab for the A7 riff. Twice through that and we are back to the E7 riff for two bars. Then it's into the last line where we play a B7 riff: This is only played once then we jump straight to the A7 riff and back to the E7 riff for the last two bars. Instead of the last two bars of E7 you can play the intro again. When we use an intro at the end of a blues verse like this we call it a turnaround as it leads us neatly back to the start of the next verse. Here's the whole thing again, played nice and slow so you can check any detail you might have missed. With practice, you'll be able to speed it up, if you like - blues can be played at a wide range of tempos. I'd also encourage you to throw in some extra ideas if you want to experiment. I'll try a few of these myself in the second verse of this final full speed. Finally here's a reminder of the underlying chord sequence to help you keep track. Remember there should also be a link to a printout below the video screen.