Fingerpicking 12 Bar Blues in A |Tuesday Blues # 010

Published on 11 February 2016
For Tuesday Blues #010-we'll take a look at an option for the V Chord in the key of A. We'll link up our A7 Chordy Lick from Lesson 002 and the D7 Melody from Lesson 009 and work in this little melody in E. If you haven't gotten the A7 or D7 down, go check out those lessons and then hop back into lesson 10. This is where we bring it all together into a nice fingerpicking 12 bar blues in A. Remember to keep your alternating bass going strong throughout! Be sure to stop by the website to pick up the TAB for this lesson. Here's the link: TUESDAY BLUES If you want to follow along with every Tuesday Blues Lesson, click on the link below and sign up for the BGI Newsletter. Hope you dig this lesson and you nail this 12 bar progression. Of course, if you'd like help with this, just let me know. Good luck and PLAY ON! John