How To Play Walking Blues Chords - Robert's 2 Minute Lessons (3)

Published on 29 May 2021 Here is a sweet way to go from 1 chord to 4 chord in a blues. We play 1 chord per beat. This could be a "quick change" from E to A for bars 1 and 2. It could also be the 4th and 5th bars in a blues. The chords function exactly the same in both E and A. The 4th chord is just an inversion of the original chord. Try this with both finger picking and by using a pick, and see which you think is easiest. When you are ready to learn with me: Go to I teach music theory, blues, rock, funk, country, scales, chords, triads... and much more. My website lessons come with Soundslice, which makes it incredibly easy to learn. Both tab and video are synced together in one view on the screen. â–¼ Follow me here... Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Subscribe to my channel: I'm a guitar instructor in Canada, and I provide guitar playing lessons and gear advice, as well as gear demos. For this lesson, I used a â–º Fender Strat with Zexcoil pickups: â–º Axe FX: @fractalaudio #boogiewoogie #guitarlesson #@zexcoil