JAZZ CHORDS Guitar Lesson - 7th CHORDS + Theory + Practicing Tips

I teach you the 10 basic JAZZ 7th CHORDS for guitar. I also explain the theory behind it and show you how to practice your jazz 7th chords. Free PDF with the 10 jazz 7th chords: Easy jazz chords for guitar: There are 5 chord families - major7th chords, dominat 7th chords, minor 7th chords, half diminished chords and diminished chords. I show you how to play them from the E-string and the A.string. Jazz Comping Chords: With these basic jazz chords you have great chords for jazz comping. In Jazz comping no high e-string is used, but the bass / root is still there. So if you need basic 7th chords for jazz comping your jazz standards this tutorial is perfect for you. Jazz Guitar Chord Theory: I also teach you how these chords are built. This helps you understand the structure of jazz 7th chords. You can also make your own voicings easily with the knowledge of jazz chord theory. Practicing Jazz Chords: I show you how you practice your jazz 7th chords horizontally and vertically. This will speed up your learning process. Jazz guitar 7th chords are an absolute must for the jazz guitar beginner. Please study them well and check the theory behind them too. I hope you like my jazz guitar chords lessonl and it helps improve your jazz comping for guitar. Thanks to the cool dudes at Lehmann Audio for the great headphone amp: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please give this video a thumb up, if you like it! Please share! Subscribe my channel: My Facebook: My Instagram: Enjoy, Sandra :-)