Detailed & well explained LESSON on Jazz Guitar COMPING RHYTHMS and BREAKS. Beginners - intermed. jazz rhythm patterns. I've had so many viewers requests on how to play jazz guitar rhythm comping. So I decided to make a tutorial for you guys 'n gals. In this lesson I'll be showing you four different jazz guitar rhythms and breaks. I'll also teach you how to combine these rhythms and breaks. All together this is called jazz guitar comping. As for jazz guitar comping exercises I've put the combos together and we'll learn, how to play over the A section of Autumn Leaves. Jazz is not a pattern oriented style, like ie latin. It's all about contrasts. Long notes versus short notes, loud vs quiet etc. But to get a feeling for it, I`m giving you four jazz guitar rhythm patterns and breaks. I'll also be teaching you how to combine these. Later we'll go even further and combine the combos, in order to get a full song example for jazz guitar comping. If you like my jazz guitar comping lesson, please don't forget to give it a thumbs up and spread the knowledge by sharing the video. ********************************************* Subscribe my channel: My Facebook: My Twitter: My Instagram: Enjoy, Sandra :-)