Master ii-V-I Chord Progressions In 5 Steps

Published on 23 November 2021
ii-V-I chord progressions are by far the most common chord progressions found in jazz standards. And so, we need to be able to play them forwards, backwards and have a really good stronghold over improvising over them. So, in today's video, I want to go over my 5-step process for practicing ii-V-I chord progressions and over time, mastering them. If you want to dig deeper into jazz harmony and improvise over jazz standards better, check out my two eBooks: The Jazz Standards Playbook Vol. 1: The Jazz Standards Playbook Vol. 2: ***Important Links and Resources*** Further reading: 3 Super Easy ii-V-I Licks to Practice Subscribe to the LJS Podcast: Subscribe on YouTube: Connect on Social Media: If you want to stay up to date with all of the weekly jazz lessons, podcast episodes, and videos we come out with, join our newsletter at: See you in the next video!