Music Theory: Key Modulation

Published on 23 February 2016
DONATIONS: /donations.php"> /donations.php MORE LESSONS: Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio explains the use of Modulation in a piece of Music. He explains the two most popular types of modulating from one key to another in a song. Direct Modulation, which occurs when a key appears suddenly. And, Pivot Chord Modulation, which will use a chord shared by both keys to allow for a seamless transition between the old to the new. To buy your copy of Andrew's eBook, "Using the Major Scale Modes" Follow the link below: pages.php?page=cart&action=details&vid=7 Vist the NEW Creative Guitar Studio website and become a member. Membership is 100% FREE: Follow us on Twitter for announcements in regard to lesson materials. Andrew's Official Q & A Guitar Blog Website: Follow Andrew on Blogspot: Follow on Twitter for new lesson announcements: MySpace: Facebook: