How to Change Chord shapes Quickly

Published on 26 January 2016
For more information from the source site of this video please visit: Great lesson for anyone struggling to get a chord sequence to 'sound like the song' The Secret Guitar Teacher (Nick Minnion) takes you through the details needed to improve your technique How to Change Chord shapes quickly Intro: Learning chord takes minutes -- even hours. But learning to change quickly and smoothly - many months.For best progress -- focus on changing. Introducing G Em C D7 sequence and explaining 4/4 and beat marks. Most common mistake four strums per bar. One strum per chord is better. What's wrong with the right hand is the left hand! If new to guitar here's best approach: Look at first chord and if you don't know it find a diagram. Once you have that down work on the next chord: Then spend time just working on the change from G to Em Notice Common fingers (in Red in diagram on video) Once good at that then look at next chord: Then work on change from Em to C (Common note in red in diagram on video) Then the D7 chord And once you got that, the change from C to D7 (Common note in red in diagram on video) Then as the sequence repeats, D7 back to G. No common note this time. Use First finger first (see video). Once you have worked through each of these individual changes you are ready to drill the whole sequence Start by simply hitting each chord once Once smooth start the metronome (Toolbox to the right of the screen on website) Set at say 60 bpm One strum per bar Play on beat one and use other three beats to change.Repeat at higher settings then once you can do this fast and smooth then slow the metronome back down to 60bpm and fill in more strums. So that's how to get on top of changes. It takes patience and persistence, but it is a crucial part of becoming a good guitar player. In the next lesson we'll learn how to put it all together to accompany our first song.