Prashant Aswani - Mastering Hybrid Picking

Published on 09 March 2022
View course: Hybrid Picking is an incredible technique to develop one's musical ideas. It's not just for soloing as you see in many modern day players, but an amazing way to create parts, compositions, and textures that can be added to any genre of music. In this course, Prashant will demonstrate the way to start this process and go through every aspect of mastering Hybrid picking. He will cover all the fundamentals of using a pick and middle finger, a pick and middle and ring finger and of course a pick and pinky. He will also cover playing techniques and exercises that utilize all 6 strings using both harmony, arpeggios and linear methods. This series is designed to open your mind and guitar palette. Every element is designed to inspire you to look at your fingers in a different way so that you can progress as a player. Learn more: #hybridpicking #jamplay #prashantaswani