Understanding Key Signatures - Part 2

Published on 26 January 2016
For more information from the source site of this video please visit: http://secretguitarteacher.com/youtube/advanced/theory/-BdaKjrUeEM/83837700-understanding-key-signatures-2.php To work out any sharp key you just have to remember two things from this lesson: 1. The new sharp is always note seven. 2. The order of sharps is given by the mnemonic: Father Charles Goes Down And Enters Battle Let's go over to the white board and talk you through how to apply this. One last thing to mention. We have been talking thus far only about Major Keys. You may be wondering about where Minor Keys fit in to all this. Well here's another rule: Each Major Key shares its key signature with the Minor key built on note Six of that Major scale. This is what we call the Relative Minor Key. So here is the Master diagram a copy of which you can download from the toolbox by clicking on the printout tab. That's it for this lesson. Spend a bit of time absorbing this information. Test yourself by working out key signatures from music books and by working them out on paper. Once you feel you have got it go right, move on to the next lesson which explains all about Flat key signatures using the circle of fourths -- this will help complete the picture as far as key signatures are concerned. ...Continued in part 3