Tritone substitution guitar lick # 4 | Dorian mode & Db7 arpeggio

Published on 25 July 2018
Here is a new jazz guitar lick video lesson about the tritone substitution over a II-V-I jazz chord progression using the dorian mode and a Db7 arpeggio. Free guitar tab in the video. Subscribe Follow us on facebook - Remember that the tritone substitution is one of the most common substitutions found in jazz music. The basic application of a tritone substitution is to take any 7th chord and play another 7th chord that occurs a tritone away from that initial chord. In the following exemple the G7 chord is replaced by the Db7 chord. 5 tritone jazz guitar licks eBooks available here ( explanations, tabs/notation, video & backing track link included ) Charlie Christian jazz guitar lessons John Scofield guitar lines Check those substitution jazz lick lesson Full House guitar cover | Wes Montgomery Jimmy Raney jazz guitar solo transcription on "Have you met miss Jones" Wes Montgomery - Solo transcriptions