Grant Green jazz guitar lesson | Lick # 2 | Dominant 7th

Published on 25 July 2018
This Grant Green dominant jazz guitar lick start with a G minor 7th arpeggio (G-Bb-D-F) approached chromatically by the Gb. You can hear notes from the G minor pentatonic scale (G-Bb-C-D-F) and a minor sixth (Eb) from the aeolian mode. Subscribe Follow us on facebook Want more Grant Green licks ? No.1 Green street solo transcription Tritone substitution guitar licks playlist John Scofield guitar lines Charlie Christian jazz guitar lessons Major II-V-I jazz guitar lines Dominant jazz guitar licks playlist Full House guitar cover | Wes Montgomery Jimmy Raney jazz guitar solo transcription on "Have you met miss Jones" Wes Montgomery - Solo transcriptions