HYBRID PICKING - Guitar Tutorial - Beginner Guitar Lesson Exercises

Beginner Lesson on using pick and fingers simultaniously = HYBRID PICKING. Camera angle shows all details. + Exercises. In this guitar lesson I'm going to be showing you how to use your guitar pick while simultaniously using your fingers. This is called Hybrid Picking and it's an essential style of modern guitar playing, no matter what genre. For jazz guitar players it's almost a must. It's the most flexible way to play chords and licks in one song. Today we don't have the classical role seperation of rhytm and solo guitarists anymore. Everyone needs to be able to play everything. Sometimes fingers are the better choice sometimes a guitar pick. If you don't want to constantly put your pick aside, then put it back in your hands again, you need more flexibility. Hybrid Picking is the best way to not lose any time, because the pick is always in your hand, while you can still use your fingers. I'll teach you how to hold your guitar pick (plectrum) correctly, which is very important to be able to use your fingers along and also get the best sound and flexibility. Then we'll make some exercises to slowly overcome that strange feeling most beginners of Hybrid Picking have, when they start out using that technique. I'll also show you how to connect chords and melody, using Hybrid Picking technique in exercises. If you use Hybrid Picking from now on, it will become second nature to you and you won't want to play any other way. This Guitar Lesson on Guitar Hybrid Picking is for all musical genres, not only for jazz guitar. If you want more flexibility, use it! As always, if you like my Hybrid Picking guitar tutorial with exercises, please give me a thumbs up and share the knowledge! Subscribe my channel: My Facebook: My Twitter: My Instagram: Hugs, Sandra :-)