Texas Blues (Verse 4)

Published on 26 January 2016
For more information from the source site of this video please visit: http://secretguitarteacher.com/youtube/beginner/acoustic/rH2qgTucz7A/83038943-texas-blues-vs4.php This is a sample video from the Secret Guitar Teacher site (see link above). It is suitable for beginners and intermediate players who would like to learn to integrate lead and rhythm guitar. Here is the abridged transcript: Verse 4 - again same chords different lead Introduces working further up the neck. First look at tab for first phrase. Start by skidding into fret 5 on the B string. Start on first finger. No time value added by slide. Repeat the note and add Pinky at 8th then back to the fifth fret. Then bend the note at fret 7 on the G string with your third finger. Then back to the E note on the B string at fret 5. Now it’s Quite a trick playing this and getting back to the open position for chords. Look first. Suggest pause and practice. Phrase two. See same phrase ending on 1st string ringed in red. This is an A note so leads nicely to the A chord. Then it’s back to the original phrase for the E chord. For the B we don’t use the unison bend, but go straight into a run of three notes on the top string ending on the note B.Then jump back to play the B7 A7 change you may need to practice this a few times remember make eyes travel ahead. Have a practice – I’ll play it a few times – you copy. Now we’re ready to play the whole verse. Now you have learnt first four verses try putting it all together yourself. Here’s the backing track. I’ll play through with you on the first run through then leave you to it. Have fun with that and once you have got it down come back for verse five!